September 30th secret scavenger hunt

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Hey! Congratulations on finding this "secret" page - the "Z" clue can be found below in the mission statement:'s mission is to provide tools and opportunities that TRANSLATORS, translation companies, and others in the language industry can use to

  • network,
  • expand their businesses,
  • improve their work,
  • experience added enjoyment in their professional endeavors

That's right TRANSLATORS is the answer for the "Z" clue.

Where to find your next clue: Find some unbelievable savings while hunting for your next clue...

Is this your 4th & final clue?
Great job on finding all 4 clues!
You're almost done: Use the circled letters from all 4 clue answers to figure out this final clue.

HINT: This can be a type of pet, farm, garden, event or PC!

Click to submit your answer for a chance to win the mystery prize: submit final answers

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