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This article contains a record of the most common technical issues associated with the use of Lionbridge's Translation Workspace tool. If you do not find here a solution to the issue you are encountering, use the CAT Tools Technical Help forum.

Error messages

"Another application has locked the clipboard and cannot proceed"

If you are using a virtual machine, de-activate the clipboard synchronization option under the VM additions. If you are using Parallels Desktop for Mac, turn off clipboard synchronization via the "Parallels Tools" menu (among Windows programs).

This issue can also be related to plugins/add-ons used by Web Browsers. If using Internet Explorer, disable the following plugins: Adobe PDF, Adobe PDF Link Helper, Adobe PDF Conversion Toolbar, SmartSelect Class and Skype. You can disable these plugins via IE Tools > Manage Add-ons. For Mozilla FireFox, disable App Tabs.

After disabling add-ons in IE/FF, restart your PC and try again.


"Compile error in hidden module" (Word 2010)

Make sure that you have the 32-bit version of Office 2010 installed since the Word client plug-in for TW only works with 32-bit Word. Also, make sure you have macros disabled.



Translation Workspace tab (Translation Workspace Word client) does not appear on Word 2010 ribbon

Search your computer file system for the add-in file (it should have a .dotm extension or it might be called "TWInit") and install it (make sure that Translation Workspace is installed as "For current user only", instead of "All users").


Using personal termbase

To use a termbase you created in Translation Workspace, use Xbench by Apsic.


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