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A list of services users may advertise in their profiles. A short, easy to understand description for each service is provided that will eventually be visible in the profile updater and job posting system.

Service list

  • Adaptation / transcreation: The creative adaptation of marketing, sales and advertising text into a target language.
  • Back translation: The process of translating a text that has been translated into another language, back into the source language. The two translations should not be done by the same translator.
  • Checking / editing: Checking to make sure that correct terminology was used in a translation. This may or may not involve actually making the changes.
  • Copywriting: Writing copy for the purpose of selling or marketing a person, product, business, or idea.
  • Desktop publishing (DTP): The use of computer software to layout text and graphics for publication.
  • Education / training: The process of teaching someone a particular skill.
  • Interpreting, Chuchotage / Whispering: The interpreter sits or stands close to a small target-language audience and whispers the simultaneous interpretation.
  • Interpreting, Consecutive: The speech is divided into sections and the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker has finished each segment.
  • Interpreting, Liaison: Relaying what is spoken between two or more people, to one person. This may be done consecutively or simultaneously.
  • Interpreting, Phone: Interpreting that is done over the phone.
  • Interpreting, Simultaneous: The interpreter renders the message to the target-language audience as the speaker continuously speaks.
  • Operations management: Managing of processes to produce and distribute products and services.
  • Project management: The planning, organizing, and managing of resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.
  • Proofreading: Scanning text for grammar, syntax and spelling errors.
  • Research: The search for knowledge or any systematic investigation to establish facts. (Note: I have seen at least one research related job posting. The poster wanted people from various countries to research a specific industry in their country and report back in English.)
  • Software localization: Adapting computer software to different languages and regions. It is also known as globalization.
  • Subtitling: The process of adding translations of the dialog to a film or television program.
  • Summarization: Summarizing a text into another language to communicate the main concepts.
  • Terminology analysis: Analysing texts and extracting terminology, possibly to offer a client a dedicated termbase.
  • Transcription: The conversion of speech into a written or electronic text document.
  • Translation: The comprehension and rendering of a source text into another language.
  • Typesetting: Preparing a text for print.
  • Video editing: The use of a computer program to make changes to a video.
  • Voiceover: The audio of a sound or video file is translated into another language and added to the original file. The original audio can be heard in the background.
  • Website localization: Adapting a website to different languages and regions.

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