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Facebook Ads is a feature offered by Facebook to promote or advertise a Fan Page that have previously been made ? by Facebook users with different range and can be set by the advertiser. Facebook itself is a social networking site with a platform that allows its users to create personal pages, add friends, and send messages. Social networking site Facebook has users with more than 1 billion users around the world, so it can be said that Facebook Ads is an ad with a wide range to be able to reach the target of 1 billion users worldwide. In Facebook advertising, the advertiser must have a page before a Fan Page that allows for other Facebook users give the LIKE or become fans on the Fan Page and Fan Page can be a company, product services, individual, trademarks, and so forth.

The development of Facebook Ads in Indonesia

Currently, Indonesia has been ranked fourth with a total Facebook users in the world, which amounted to 165 080 47. users. This indicates that the social network Facebook is considered to have the functions and benefits that have been felt by many people in Indonesia. Benefits and functions include a function to add friends, connect with old friends, socializing, looking for new things, and so forth. The fact is what makes Facebook ogled by the companies, organizations, or individuals to be in the media to promote or advertise something something with the features offered by Facebook is by using Facebook Ads or Facebook Ads. All forms of business sectors have begun to look and perform advertising with new media, such as companies that sell products and services, online companies, and other companies from small scale to large scale. Prices are cheap, the target audience can be adjusted as needed, and the nature of the active audience make up can be used as an alternative advertising in new media technologies are considered to be efficient and practical.

In addition to the advantages already mentioned before, the Facebook Ads also have the advantages that should not be forgotten, namely ease of design and supervision. The design or manufacture of advertising on Facebook can be said to be easy and can be done by anyone and anywhere without having to pass through burdensome regulations in addition to the regulation of the Facebook itself is in fact not too made ? a significant problem. The advertiser can also easily monitor and assess whether the ads they create successful or not in anywhere, without having to do these things are complicated and convoluted. Social networking sites can also be said to be a place or means to communicate from one person to another, and from one member to another member so many members or individuals collected in this Facebook. The fact that makes Facebook into one of the market place or the current promotion potential.

Promotion using Facebook advertising feature certainly has its advantages, as well as add can promote relationship and friendship with the wider community on Facebook since Facebook is a social networking site that allows its users to interact with each other without thinking about space and time, in addition to the networking media this social can also reach a very broad audience to the whole world, it makes the product or service being marketed can be recognized by a wider audience as well. In the design of the ad, the service providers jasa fb ads can regulate specific target market they want to go, such as geographic region, by gender, age, preferred terms, marital status, education, and so forth, and after advertisers choose what ads targeted character will be selected, he will know how many targets their ads, and it makes the ads created to be more effective and to the point.

To see what companies have been or are currently using Facebook advertising feature is easy, the user can see by looking at the right part of Facebook already has. Facebook ads attached to each user is very diverse, it is because the company is using Facebook advertising services is also diverse. Facebook Ads ability to choose own character audiences want to create ads targeted audience that is attached to each individual is also different, which is attached as an example of an ad on Facebook for 12 year olds will be different from the ads that are attached to the old Facebook users 30 years old. Facebook Ads for 12 year olds may only attach ads such as school books, toys, and recreational areas, and of course will vary with ads attached to 30-year-old users that might be attached to advertising online clothing stores, beauty aid, and so forth.

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